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Spring 2017


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Style ruts, what to wear where, fashion for grown-ups


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Love fashion, but not that fussed about faddy fashion trends? (That Vetements sweatshirt makes you look like a teen on your way to 'play out on bikes’, doesn't it?) No clue what to wear to work in spring? Not keen on looking like Kate Middleton at a wedding, but don’t know where to begin? On a budget, but willing to save for a bag that will stand the test of time? Love the high street, hate landfill, finally beginning to wonder, ‘So, who made my clothes?’

It’s OK to love fashion, have an opinion, lust after expensive bags, argue politics, be the boss (or hate the boss), love Prada, push that pram and own daft shoes (because ‘feminists can wear anything they fucking want’, thanks, Gloria).

Coming soon: non-judgemental fashion for grown-ups. Sign up for updates.

The Fashion Department